Deja Vouz ?

Has anyone noticed anything interesting about some of the recent prize winning dance routines ? Twice in a row now, winners have been obviously crafted around archived older dances republished shortly beforehand on our Monthly Dance Feature – this Feature is something we have run for a year or so, to highlight good, older dances (lest they be forgotten) and which which we operate in collaboration with Bill & Sandra Tepper who provide videos on their YT channel OpheliaDance1. First Jive 50 emerged, heavily based on Springtime Jive (Jill Bush, 1984), which we re-released 4 days earlier. One competition later, Rhinestone Rumba emerges, which is again obviously crafted around Mitzi Rumba (Annette Sheridan, 1983), which we re-released about a month or so ago. Coincidence ? Maybe, probably not, but one thing for sure – although it’s nice to see dances a little different and a step-up from the norm, it is abundantly clear that the best place to find fresh ideas and inspiration for sequence dancers is in the archives vis a vis the dances that are already there but forgotten about. In that sense, these archives are a treasure trove – anything you could ever possibly want to dance is there, and it’s only a subscription away. Current competitors might do well to bear this point in mind and to take a leaf out of the books of those inventors who have recently found winning combinations in older dances. Can I also say I’m pleased that our Feature is starting to exert some influence on official proceedings – it may have taken 5 years (it was 5 years this week that we started this Blog), but that was certainly our primary objective. I hope this trend continues, but now that I’ve mentioned it, I wonder if it will.

Videos available here:

Mitzi Rumba
Springtime Jive

Note added later: I note that Crystal Jive (April, 2014) is quite clearly based on Susie Jive (Winn & Bob Oliver, 1981).


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