Video Download Tools

Anyone wanting to download from You Tube so that they don’t have to keep streaming might find this piece of webware useful (converts to MP4 or FLV etc)

The following tool is useful as it has the option of taking a YT soundtrack and converting it to MP3 (which the above doesn’t allow). This is software that needs to be downloaded rather than run online, but it doesn’t need Javascript and will download copy-protected videos as well (the software is free and only takes a minute or so to download and install):

The following are useful for converting YT to MP3 (audio files). Both can be run on-line. The first requires Javascript and the second is fussy about copy-protected downloads:

The following is useful for slowing down YT videos

Downloading Facebook Videos – here’s a YT video showing how to do it:

To summarise

(1) Play the Facebook Video

(2) Whilst it’s playing go to the adress bar and change the www to m

(3) Right click on the blue bit outside the video, then select “Save Video As” and save it under any name.


BBL Videos: In most browsers these can only be streamed rather than downloaded. However, there is one exception – the most recent version of Google Chrome offers a download function (arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the video window).


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