Current Trends

Just been looking at the list of search terms that have been used in search engines that have brought people to the Script Library (provided by my web host). Quite amusing to read some of the things people put in as search terms (and I won’t expand), but I’m pleased to say that every dance people have searched for in the last month we do indeed have on the site. I was wondering why we get so few E mail requests, but I guess everything people might be looking for is already there on the site. The complete archive you might say.

And this is what people have searched for (surprising what people are interested in, and not by & large the best of the modern sequence dances to my mind, but they’re all there in the Library along with the best):

Samba Miranda, Jazz Twinkle, Southern Two Step, Heartbeat Tango, Kaymar Sway, Maybelline Foxtrot, June Waltz, Iris Foxtrot, Stardust Saunter, Elizabeth Quickstep, Fragrance Foxtrot, Quando Quickstep, Sandringham Saunter, Valentine Saunter, Tango Tarquilla, Sindy Swing, Freda Foxtrot, Jacqueline Cha-Cha, Moulin Rouge Waltz, Torque Tango, Anniversary Two Step, Rumba Rosalie, Edwardian Gavotte, Hyland Saunter, Rumba Caprice, Ivory Swing, Magic Mambo, Magnolia Waltz, Jetta Jive, Carribean Calypso, Summertime Blues, Tango Serida, Sherrie Saunter, Saunter Michelle, Sheldon Saunter, Tango Scirrocco, Shelley Saunter, Magic Mambo, Rhythm Jive, Queen of Hearts Rumba, Invitation Swing, Sovereign Saunter, Boyden Blues, Catherine Waltz, Orlando Cha-Cha, Whispering Foxtrot, Broadway Quickstep, Abbey Swing, Festival Glide, Rumba Scirrocco, Alphabet Jive, El Tel Cha-Cha, White Heather Foxtrot, Columbine Saunter, Monkey Puzzle Cha-Cha, Tango Fascination, Westlynn Waltz, Jasmine Foxtrot, Southern Two Step, Turf Tango, Caribbean Foxtrot, Cameron Quickstep, Domino Blues, Waltz Caravelle, Bee Bee Quickstep, Invicta Rumba, Chandella Quickstep, Rose Lane Waltz.

The most downloaded script (apart from the free ones) was Samba Miranda (16 views). Second was Summertime Waltz, a non-winning dance from Michael Morris & Beverley Berry, 2003, not previously released, but a very nice routine that I think should have won (14 views).

Of the newer dances (not on the site), the only ones searched for were:
Washington Tango, Rhinestone Rumba, Sambuca Blues, Miami Tango, Snowberry Foxtrot, Birmingham Blues, Saunter Chantel, Paradise Jive. Also listed was Slingshot Cha-Cha, a new Australian dance that seems to be becoming popular at home as well as away.

It might be that people were searching for other new dances but were not directed to my site because they are not listed (I suspect this is not the case because the search engine would have found something similar and so the search enquiry would still be listed). Looks like interest in new dances is waning.


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