Site Up & Running Again

The site is back up & running again. Apologies for the inconenience and a huge thank you for bearing with us. We hope the bulk E mail of scripts via was helpful for anyone needing scripts during the down-time.

Restoring the site on a new server after it was accidentally deleted by the previous hosting company has required a huge amount of work, taking up every waking moment between the 19th and 28th December, about 200 E mails to hosting companies, developers etc., and several hundereds of pounds in consultancy fees to the same. The reason for the difficulties is that the software is now quite old and really is in dire need of being updated – it is no longer supported by the people that developed it and so any troubleshooting of which there is plenty requires support from specialist consultants. Obviously, with subscriptions dwindling, I’m loathe to invest too much in development. But please be aware that running a facility like this is a difficult balancing act and doing it successfully very much depends on your future support.

Best Wishes for the rest of the holiday season and for the new year.


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