Abbreviations used in sequence dance scripts

Old Editorials – Editorial commentaries on the dances previously published on this Blog (this is kind of a thrown together collection, intended as a temporary measure – in time I intend to include editorials along with the individual scripts within the pages of the new Script Library in a different format, and there is an example of the proposed format available to view on the new site).

A chronology of inventive dance winners 1970 – 2000 – only recognised UK prizewinners included – this still needs some editing !  

A photo gallery of previous winning arrangers

Peter Varley & Jill Bush demonstrating Honeysuckle Jive, 1981


A guide to reading dance scripts (courtesy of J. Farmer)


I have started to write some articles offering guidance on topics such as how to read and interpret the scripts, and exploring technical issues more generally – this should be of interest to new and more experienced dancers alike. The plan is that each article will focus on one particular aspect, and that collectively these will build into a coherent series and useful source of general information for the keen dancer.

The following articles are now available, and I plan to write more (sometime):

Foot Positions

Alignment and Direction

Text Books


Adobe – provides access to a free pdf reader (you will need one to view the files (scripts and other items) on this site, though modern computers now have them built in anyway)

Peter & Diane – general sequence site with lots of background information re sequence dancing in the UK and abroad, etc. There is also a comprehensive A – Z type Dance List in spreadsheet form here

Sequencedancemag – background information and topical discussion galore for sequence dancers, Blog style

Sequencedanceonline – good for listings of sequence clubs around the world, particularly for the UK

Midland dance info – independent reviews of books, DVD’s etc.


Dancesport International – good source of books, videos, and dance-related items in general

Maestro – catalogue of dance music DVD’s with downloadable samples

The Dance Shack – shoe vendors with good discounts for pro’s

Seniordancepartners – find a dance partner


Ballroom Forums – new UK Dance Forum with a promisingly active Sequence section

Dance Talk – another more established UK Dance Forum, good atmosphere, with a Sequence section

Ballroom Dance – Dance Forums – US based, with very good technical section – US based with good if slightly pretentious technical section, plus very good video demonstrations of ballrom & latin syllabus figures by Jonathon & Melissa Atkinson


ISTD – the best association for sequence interests, they even have a sequence section on their website in addition to the usual glossies and who’s who’s !


Caio – dance school in Carmarthenshire, UK, again includes sequence

Dave & Norma – Canadian dancers site with interests in Old Time

Latown – sequence club in Australia (Don & Kay Hetherington)

Maurice Tait & Yvonne Stanley – former sequence inventors, now running busy Ballroom school in Nottingham, UK

Normandy – sequence club in the SE of England

QBDS – Canadian sequence group

Thomas Blemings – dance promoter & radio show host in Belfast, Northern Ireland


Bob & Wendy Whelerton – local newspaper article on classes run by Bob & Wendy, former sequence inventors

Dawn Jalbert – local newspaper article on Dawn, the daughter of former inventors Lewis & Joan Wilson

Elaine Park – local newspaper interview with and feature on former inventor Elaine

Julie Earnshaw – interview and feature on former inventor, on ISTD website

Jill Bush – interview and feature on former inventor, on ISTD website- local newspaper article about Rita Pover.

Peter Varley – a tribute to Peter, former inventor, on the ISTD website

Rita Pover – local newspaper article about Rita Pover


Philip & Helen Blackburn – You Tube footage from the Original Come Dancing series (Philip & Helen dancing Saunter Reve)

Come Dancing Old Time selection – more You Tube footage from the Original Come Dancing series, featuring many a former champion from the last fourty years (Darren Park & Andrea Kilgour, Russell Heppenstall & Michel Prigmore, Michael Habergham & Rachel Stevens, Darren Badder & Hilary Biggs, to name but a few)

Allied sequence championships on You Tube