This blog accompanies our website (click here), the aim of which is to provide access to scripts for sequence dances from the archives. The website has an online of library of scripts from the last century with an especial focus on dances from the 60’s, 70, & 80’s – the “golden years” of sequence dancing, which offer considerable variety and challenge (much more so than the new dances of today). The library contains scripts for nearly all UK prizewinners from 1980 – 1999 inclusive, most of the dances from the 70’s, and most of the significant dances from years prior to that. It covers most dances of interest to competitors and medalists. In addition, the library contains many unofficial dances and non-prizewinners, including many never previously released. There are about 1400 scripts in total. For a full list of scripts available in the library, click here. For samples of our scripts, click here. For details of how to access the script library, click here. For those interested in Dance Demonstration Videos, click here. We also have a Facebook Page. If you have any further queries, please E mail us at pcda@inbox.com.