This blog accompanies our website Sequence Dance Scripts, the aim of which is to promote and to provide access to scripts for sequence dances from the archives. The website has an on-line library of scripts from the last century with an especial focus on dances from the 60’s, 70, & 80’s – the “golden years” of sequence dancing. The library contains scripts for nearly all UK prizewinners from 1980 – 2006 inclusive (and we are gradually adding newer ones), most of the dances from the 70’s, and most of the significant dances from the years prior to that. It covers most dances of interest to competitors and medallists, and most of the dances enjoyed by social dancers across the world. In addition, the library contains many unofficial dances and non-prizewinners, including many never previously released. There are around 1900 scripts in total and we are continually adding more.

There are many archive dances of exceptional quality that have now been largely forgotten, or never released in the first place, and unfortunately so in our view. We also feel that these dances offer a far superior alternative, with considerably more variety and challenge, to the “prizewinning” dances generated by today’s inventive dance competitions. And there is nothing that you will find in current or future prize-winners that won’t already be there in these archived dances. Our principal aim in setting up the Script Library is to ensure that today’s dancers have easy access to this material to provide them with a comprehensive knowledge base and to allow them to select the best routines to help achieve their goals. We feel that this is particularly important at this time when sequence dancing is struggling to retain it’s popularity and is rapidly disappearing from the programmes of many a dance school. The Library will be of interest to those new to sequence dancing as well as those currently involved and looking to broaden their repertoire. It may also be of interest to inventors – we’ve had a few on the books in the past, including some who appear to have used successfully used material from the archives in their own prize-winning routines. You all now have full access to the best – make good use of it !

For a full list of scripts available in the library, click here. For samples of our scripts, click here. For details of how to access the script library, click here. For those interested in Dance Demonstration Videos, click here. We also have a Facebook Page.

Some examples of our archive dances: